On My Mind

Monday on My Mind: Breathe Deep

Last week in yoga class, a woman made an off hand comment about the size of our class.  Apparently, the popularity of a once barren Yin class had been growing exponentially since the election.  Once empty rooms had begun to fill and stayed filled throughout the year.  People were apparently in desperate need of stress relief! We all had a chuckle at the growing popularity of slow yoga…

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Friday Flows

Friday Flow 15 – Strong Warriors & Power Poses

Yang-sta Gangsta Yang yoga, power yoga, Ashtanga, fire! Whatever you call it—this type of practice is focused on heat! In contrast to Yin yoga, you want to move quickly between poses, while concentrating on your breath. In Yang practice go ahead and challenge your muscles. The goal is to build strength and stamina. This is in contrast to Yin, which is slower and more methodical. There are plenty…

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Friday Flows, Site News

Friday Flow 6: Yin Yoga Sequence

What Do I Need to Know About Yin? A Yin yoga practice focuses more on slow deliberative movement. It is a style of restorative yoga designed to gently release connective tissues and often relies heavily on props. There is a lot of good information out there on Yin – but here is a quick breakdown of common asanas used. When performing Yin, the asanas may be held for…

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