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Merry Christmas from this Doll to You!

This year my precious little one got a dollhouse (how apropos). I swear it was not planned and had nothing to do with this blog. She had been throwing not so subtle hints the entire year and the family was on the look out for something special. Just a few weeks before Christmas deadline, we found the perfect one at CostCo. It is three stories tall and looked…

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Tips & Tricks

A Gifting Guide for the Overwhelmed

Christmas Gift under the tree

Ho, ho, ho! Holiday season is in full swing. Between the decorating, parties and the extra holiday or school activities-hopefully you’ve managed to squeeze in a little gift shopping. As of today, there is only 1 week left until Christmas!  No more time to dally. If you are fresh out of ideas or just need a quick resolution for tricky people. Here are a few:   1. Subscription…

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