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Friday Flow 8 – Post Cycling Stretch

Time for a Bicycle Break One of my hobbies is bicycling. No, not spin class (although there is nothing wrong with that). Actual biking around the town. When weather is welcoming, I hop on my little cream bike to run errands or catch some fresh air. At times I get lost on a trail, wander down side paths and end up traveling for miles out of the way.…

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Ponderings on Bike Racks

Riding a bicycle regularly has been a delight. So much so, that i’ve changed my commute habits to use the bike on short daily errands. A funny bike related habit I’ve picked up alongside is finding and photographing Bike Racks. I find them interesting. They are a critical piece of bike life that usually fades into the urban landscape. “Find the Bike Rack” is now a fun game…

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