Friday Flows

Friday Flow 2: Afternoon Yoga for Energy

→ I5m Energy Boost Flow (right-click and select “Download Link” or “Save As”) Load up this yoga flow when your energy is flagging in the midday.  The routine is not very vigorous (no sweating), but does include some moderate level balancing poses.  There is a short segment at the end that requires a mat or towel for laying on the ground. The entire routine is less than 16min,…

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Tips & Tricks

A Gifting Guide for the Overwhelmed

Christmas Gift under the tree

Ho, ho, ho! Holiday season is in full swing. Between the decorating, parties and the extra holiday or school activities-hopefully you’ve managed to squeeze in a little gift shopping. As of today, there is only 1 week left until Christmas!  No more time to dally. If you are fresh out of ideas or just need a quick resolution for tricky people. Here are a few:   1. Subscription…

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New Weekly Feature: Friday Flows

Update: I no longer use the Yoga Studio App mentioned, but I’ve kept this article available for posterity. A Weekly Yoga Series to Grow Your Practice To kick off my blog content, i’d like to start a regular series dedicated to yoga.  The new series will be to dubbed, “Friday Flow”.  This feature will be used to share any yoga routines that I have created and/or used with…

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Site News


Welcome Readers! Welcome to my little home on the internet. My name is Shon, aka The Desert Doll. The Desert Doll blog is dedicated to all the positive things that I love and want to share to the outside world—whether that be music, fitness or lifestyle trends. I have many changing interests/obsessions, so expect topics to vary. The long term goal for this website is to have a…

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