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New Journal Setup & Creativity Blocks

Any time I receive a new journal, I have to spend a few hours days setting it up exactly how I like it. Every journal seems to have it’s own purpose and personality. Sometimes I’ll find a beautiful sketchbook, be too intimidated by it and it will remain blank. Confession: I have bookshelves full of journals that I haven’t used. Yet, I continue to buy more journals. It’s…

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I Love to Ride My Bicycle, I Love to Ride It Where I Like

Riding Bicycle Around Town

Did you know that April is National Bicycle Month? Happy Bike Month everyone! As a bike enthusiast, I’d like to spread the bike love from my home on the internet. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an online repository of resources for casual bikeist? Nope, this will not be an expensive list of components for gearheads, not a “how-to” for shredding mountains, not a bike touring packing list. Just…

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A Gifting Guide for the Overwhelmed

Christmas Gift under the tree

Ho, ho, ho! Holiday season is in full swing. Between the decorating, parties and the extra holiday or school activities-hopefully you’ve managed to squeeze in a little gift shopping. As of today, there is only 1 week left until Christmas!  No more time to dally. If you are fresh out of ideas or just need a quick resolution for tricky people. Here are a few:   1. Subscription…

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