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Friday Flow 23: Get Outside!

Riding the Bike Around Town

May has been all about summer preparations around our home—checking out the calendar, making all the necessary travel plans and reservations, finishing up that “spring” cleaning around the home. Trying desperately to wrap up various todo’s before the kids are out of school and the temperatures are soaring. It’s a lot of busy work. And amidst of all that, the outdoors is beckoning! There is limited time to…

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Friday Flow 8 – Post Cycling Stretch

Time for a Bicycle Break One of my hobbies is bicycling. No, not spin class (although there is nothing wrong with that). Actual biking around the town. When weather is welcoming, I hop on my little cream bike to run errands or catch some fresh air. At times I get lost on a trail, wander down side paths and end up traveling for miles out of the way.…

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Ponderings on Bike Racks

Riding a bicycle regularly has been a delight. So much so, that i’ve changed my commute habits to use the bike on short daily errands. A funny bike related habit I’ve picked up alongside is finding and photographing Bike Racks. I find them interesting. They are a critical piece of bike life that usually fades into the urban landscape. “Find the Bike Rack” is now a fun game…

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