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New Journal Setup & Creativity Blocks

Any time I receive a new journal, I have to spend a few hours days setting it up exactly how I like it. Every journal seems to have it’s own purpose and personality. Sometimes I’ll find a beautiful sketchbook, be too intimidated by it and it will remain blank. Confession: I have bookshelves full of journals that I haven’t used. Yet, I continue to buy more journals. It’s…

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Building a Creative Brain

Non-Creative Desktop

A Non-Creative Approach to Art I never considered myself a creative person. I admire those people who have a real flair for aesthetics and art. That simply isn’t me. My approach to art is much more methodical. I want to be better. So I section off chunks of time to research, to test, to fail (in private), then succeed (maybe in public). It is what has worked for…

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An Artful Practice

Nope, this time I’m not talking about Yoga. I am in fact, talking about the practice of art. As shared last week, I’d like to broaden the focus of this site to include artwork. One of my goals for this blog was to help document my growth in certain personal areas. Sharing these experiences online is a way of holding myself accountable. It encourages me. But it doesn’t make me braver.…

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Friday Flow 8 – Post Cycling Stretch

Time for a Bicycle Break One of my hobbies is bicycling. No, not spin class (although there is nothing wrong with that). Actual biking around the town. When weather is welcoming, I hop on my little cream bike to run errands or catch some fresh air. At times I get lost on a trail, wander down side paths and end up traveling for miles out of the way.…

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