Harvest Season & Leg Fitness

«i’m only here for the yoga»

Harvest Season is Upon Us

I really love looking up common terms in the dictionary and learning the origin of words. Sometimes the added bit of history or etymology really gives you an appreciation of our culture. This little background on the word harvest does not disappoint.

Old English hærfest ‘autumn’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch herfst and German Herbst, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin carpere ‘pluck’ and Greek karpos ‘fruit’.

It literally means, “to pluck fruit”. How perfect is that? This is the season to reap all the benefits of your hard work. Pluck your fruit!

Harvesting Fruit & Setting Intentions

The “fruit” of this blog has been my weekly yoga posts. It is a constant in my life and probably a permanent feature for this site. But now, the frequency will be scaling back. Instead of yoga flows every Friday, it will be once a month. I needed a new strategy to streamline my life. That strategy is monthly intentions.

My personal life has been ramping up (yay!) but that added activity presents a new challenge. I need to balance all the new loves with my old loves. How do you make room for all your passions while maintaining reason? A monthly goal or intention is a good start. This months intention is Harvest. I’m challenging myself to find the things that I have worked hard at all year, and are ready to enjoy.  If we can’t celebrate when a goal is reached, then what is the point?

Pumpkin Spice Gams!

Quick confession: I actually hate pumpkin spice lattes. Once upon a time, they were a Fall staple, but over the years they became way too syrupy to stomach. I need a good substitute. In the meantime, “Pumpkin Spice” will just be a fun euphemism for my butt and thighs. And I will celebrate Fall by enjoying my spicy leg gains. I restarted weight training, so leg gains are a new reward. The yoga flow is inspired by my success. It is an all-purpose leg stretch to use post weight training. It will help the muscles from getting too stiff and being unusable the next morning.

The Yoga Flow

Post Workout Leg Stretch (click for full description of poses and worksheets)

Happy Harvest All

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