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Last week was all about running and post-run yoga. And guess what? This week is more of the same. Let me explain…

Running for Body & Spirit

Nothing puts my body in order quite like running. When I know I need to get proper fit in a hurry, that’s where I turn.  Even though I am slow. Even though I actually hate it (the act of running never gave me any “high”). It is such a chore. But I can not deny the results. After only a few weeks, I feel back to my old self again. My yoga is improved, my bike riding feels more leisurely, my overall daily energy level has increased. Everything just feels better. And when you feel right in your body, good mood usually follows. It’s a big win. There’s only one side effect – stiffer muscles. My flexibility routine has to increase a lot to compensate for the muscle tightness.

So this week, yes, I am back with another post-run routine. Time to banish the Tin Man!

Rusty Tin Man
Tin Man Needs Oil!

Check out the runner stretch from last week or follow the routine below.  The more routines the better, just to mix it up! Or you can practice both routines, back-to-back. A little extra effort goes a long way.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Here are the key poses from today’s sequence (link to full flow follows):

Runner’s Release Yoga Sequence II (click to see full list)

Think Limber Thoughts!

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