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What’s going on this week? Running. That’s what. I gained some fluff while eating good in the South. Yes, I’ve been slacking about sharing my impressions of the American South.  I really do plan to post more pics soon, because it was beautiful. Also, the food was good.  Hence, my extra “fluff” and the need to run.  About once a year, I get a serious run bug anyway… so it was probably due. Now of course, I need to share my runner yoga tips.

Dash & Dawdle

After a run (of any distance), the last thing I want to do is… anything.  I’m pretty content to just plop on the couch and pat myself on the back for the struggle. It is especially hard if my run is in the afternoon or evening. It is all too easy to throw on Netflix and call it a day. But this is not recommended. We all know better. Limbs must be stretched if you want to maintain your limberness. Besides, post-run stretches can still be done while enjoying a Netflix binge.

My post-run stretches have evolved over time. At first, I did a vigorous stretch routine with lots of poses flowed thru several times. Very similar to my post-cycling stretch routine. Now I have adopted a more Yin Yoga approach, holding a few poses for longer and slowly easing into the asanas. This is done with one modification—I do not go into the deepest expression of each pose. After a run my muscles are quite warm and I may feel I can go deeper, but I intentionally hold back. This is to protect myself from over extending on accident. This may seem humorous since I just posted about achieving the full split. But that blog entry recommends a nightly practice done with intention. Not a haphazard fall into Hamunanasana.

lacking any obvious principle of organization.
synonyms: random · unplanned · chaotic
—Oxford Dictionary

Flexibility is better with consistent, gradual work. It is a goal deserving of its own routine. For post-run stretches, keep the focus on maintenance rather than hyperextension.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Channel your Yin practice and melt into each pose,  letting gravity do the work. Back off when you meet resistance. Here are some key poses from the sequence:

Runner’s Release Yoga Sequence (click to see full list)

Stay loose my friends

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