Long Weekend! Time to Practice Rest

Huzzah to 3 day weekends!

Labor Day is for family time and definitely not labor.  Do something fun. Maybe BBQ or ride a bike?  And then, rest.

Savasana: The Yoga Rest Pose

This week’s “flow” will be short and sweet.  In fact, it won’t be a flow at all.  Instead, I encourage everyone to practice their Savasana. That’s it. Practice laying down and doing absolutely nothing. It’s actually hard for some people. There was a time when I would skip Savasana in every single yoga session (actually pack up and walk out of class early!). For shame. Learning to lie still is an art unto itself. So go ahead and practice it.

Focus Pose for the Weekend

savasanasavasana with bolster

Savasana (Corpse Pose) – Full Description

Practice a Restful Mind

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