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My vacation is officially done and I am back in the desert. The time away was grand. I got some quality time alone with my husband, then retrieved the kids from Grandma to do a family road trip. I have much to post and so many pictures to share. But first I need sleep. All the time spent driving with a car full of kids was fun but a little overwhelming. Plus, coming home after extended time away means laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Who knew vacation could be so tiring?

Quieting the Busy Mind

Sometimes I find sleep to be a challenge. I can be bone tired, lying in bed. But my head is still racing and my body is still twitching. Practicing a few yoga poses before bedtime helps settle me down. If you have some problems with insomnia, simple evening routines do help.

A few tips to make the evening routine more successful.  First, do a brain dump.  Get all the action items out of your head and onto a scratchpad or onto your calendar. Once the list is out of your head and put away safely, you will be better prepared to practice without distraction.  I call this my “pre-yoga”.  Next, a few bedtime yoga guidelines:

  • Keep your sequence simple
  • Stick to seated or supine poses
  • Limit all the light sources to your practice area

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Here is one routine to help you unwind/relax in the evening.
bedtime yoga sequence pt1

bedtime yoga sequence pt2

bedtime yoga sequence pt3

bedtime yoga sequence pt4
Bedtime Yoga
(click for full flow sequences and printable worksheets)

Recommended Music Selections

I took a short break from The Carter’s, but now I’m revisiting their ablum. Not all the music is appropriate to unwind, but one song has captured my attention. Have a listen to this dreamy Summer slow jam. Keep the music low and enjoy.


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