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Rise of the Mono Culture | Travelogue

Vacation Mode -ON- My summer vacation is still in full swing, but I am enjoying daily breaks to do casual journalling. With so many new sites and smells and freedom- it is hard not to want to write about your experiences or draw new things. Travel really inspires you. This week, in particular, I’ve been travelling without my kids (thanks Grandma!), so it really shifts the mood and…

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Friday Flows, Site News

Summer Vacation Walking | Friday Flow 30

Hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July festivities. I took the opportunity to reconnect with family and stuff my face with barbecue. And now I’m officially on vacation! This week my workouts will be all about leisure−mostly walking around vacation spots. Any yoga on vacation will be low impact, low time commitment and focused. The asanas streamlined to unwind specific muscles after a long day of walking around. Targeting Weary…

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