Vacation Brain and Yoga Nidra | Friday Flow 29

Officially, I have another week or so until my scheduled vacation time. But I am completely over being here and want to take off now. The days closest to a vacation are always a little interesting. But summer is especially challenging. The temperatures around Phoenix have started to skyrocket and that means being housebound during the day. I think I am going a little stir crazy. I make excuses to run errands—visiting various air-conditioned boxes that are different from my own air-conditioned box. These small distractions help, but only for a short time. Even yoga is not enough to entertain me right now. Though I keep trying.

Quieting the Busy Mind

Since I am feeling scatterbrained, the agenda this week is a standard Surya Namaskar sequence followed by a long meditative Savasana.


Sun Salutations are great for grounding. They are a foundation for most Yoga flows. And when you feel anxious; it wonderful to fall back on familiar routines. As I’ve mentioned before, the main benefit of a familiar flow is that you can repeat it easily without referring to each asana and/or transition instruction. This week, perform some sun salutations at your own pace, picking up the intensity whenever you feel the desire. At the end of your flow, reserve enough time to fully enjoy a 15m (or longer) Savasana. Don’t skip the Savasana this time!

Corpse pose is a critical part of this practice since you will use it to accompany a guided meditation. The meditation portion is meant to induce deep relaxation. Focus on meditative relaxation is sometimes referred to as Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is Sanskrit for Yogic sleep. This is the state between sleep and wakefulness. During meditation try to give yourself time to find stillness and quiet the mind. The hardest part is to allow yourself that time. But it will be worth it. It is a great method of stress release.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Sun Salutation Reference Cards

Savasana and Meditation Reference Card
Sun Salutations & Mediations (Nidra Flow)

Recommended Audio Selections

YouTube has a number of guided meditations to suit every mood. However, I prefer this 30min Yoga Nidra Meditation as a nice general starter. If you prefer a meditation without music, try the 20min Nidra Guide.


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