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Friday Flow 25: Stand Tall and Flex

The kids have been home for over a week now. Just one week and the house is showing their presence. Maybe that is what has inspired today’s theme. My dirty, filthy, floors. Dirty floors that I am trying to avoid. No amount of sweeping can combat active child play. I sweep. They destroy. But I still want to practice. It’s a problem that may not be unique to my situation. Some days you simply don’t want to get down onto the ground. Maybe you don’t have an appropriate space to lay down or it could be that you are in the middle of running errands. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to sacrifice a good stretch. Standing yoga to the rescue!

Stand and Deliver

Today’s flow is a short block of standing stretches for the core, back, and upper legs. It can be done in street clothes while standing in line, or around the house between other tasks.  Access to a wall is suggested but not required, especially if your balance is decent. Slow down and hold the stretching poses for a few breaths before moving on. The sequence is made up of beginner poses, so you can start from a cold body. However, if you prefer to warm up a little, do a few calf raises or march with high knees to get the blood flowing.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Standing Stretch Block
(flow sequences are available as a printable worksheet -or- online)

Recommended Music Selections

Most likely you will be performing a standing routine in unconventional places.  So listen to whatever is handy, a playlist on your phone, a podcast. But, if you happen to be home and want some good music, go listen to the latest Internet singles: Come Over and Roll. Support the Funk people, always.


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