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Looking thru some old photos of myself as a child and woo-boy was I skinny! And yet, I ate all the time. My own children are the same. I could chalk it up to the mystical nature of childhood metabolism. But it is not a complete mystery. I do notice how little I move in comparison to the littles. While I certainly have more conscious movement than my kids… running household errands, doing scheduled work or appointments. Then the dedicated workouts sessions like biking, yoga, running, etc. But there is a striking difference in how we move unconsciously.

What is Your Activity Level, Really?

Have you ever watched a kid “sit”?

Newsflash, they don’t.

They bounce around on their chairs. They rock. They kick their feet up and flail limbs. My son even sits on his head to read. Yes. He literally bends over at the waist, plops the top of his head onto the couch, and attempts to read in that position. He hasn’t passed out from it yet (i’m curious when it will happen). My other son will do a maneuver where he slides his butt across the couch, moving from side to side repeatedly. They do these things for no apparent reason. It is bewildering.

Meanwhile, I can’t get them to perform any sustained physical activity without a fight. We have nicknamed one child “Sloth” because he moves so slow when you ask him for something. But I must admit, he burns thru tons of energy by just lounging out in the family room. The kid’s version of ‘lounge’ is vastly different to my own. Kids move differently from adults. They are truly active in a way we are not.

How to Bottle Up Your Kids Energy

So how to boost our activity level as adults?  Mimic the kids!

If you spend a little time observing childsplay or rest, you’ll notice something. They seem to have no rhyme or reason to their movements. They are not bogged down by schedules nor do they care about fitness. They don’t follow planned out exercise regimes. They move when they feel and how they feel.

Kids move when they feel and how they feel


Well, as an adult you can’t mimic this exactly. Truly moving at random can’t be faked. Not to mention, it is socially unacceptable in many settings. But there are ways to add small movements during our idle time.

Maximize Your Idle Time

Here are some common methods to sneak in activity throughout the day:

  • Do Calf Raises in line
  • Take stairs when possible
  • Park further away
  • Walk around your workspace at regular intervals

When you get home, you can start doing the more socially awkward activities. Really ramp it up

  • Squat while cooking dinner
  • Skip to the mailbox or across the hallway, or when fetching a glass of water
  • Take Netflix or computer breaks every hour to do 10 jumping jacks
  • Wall sit while browsing Instagram

It doesn’t have to be high impact either. Wall sits and planks will really challenge your strength without requiring you to change into a sports bra.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

This week is an anti-flow. The suggested poses aren’t meant to be done as a routine. They are simply static asanas to try during your idle time. It is more about incorporating poses throughout the day, rather than a time-boxed sequence.

A Few Key Asanas

Idle Asanas
Idle Asanas

Anti-Flow/Idle Asanas (click to see full list)

Have fun mixing it up!

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