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Building a Creative Brain

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A Non-Creative Approach to Art

I never considered myself a creative person. I admire those people who have a real flair for aesthetics and art. That simply isn’t me. My approach to art is much more methodical. I want to be better. So I section off chunks of time to research, to test, to fail (in private), then succeed (maybe in public). It is what has worked for me in almost everything I’ve attempted in life. I hope to have reasonable results using this method for art. Not to become the next Van Gogh. Just to become non-embarrassed to show my sketchbook to people I like. [Note: I said, people, I like]. Showing off a sketchbook to strangers is only a progress step. The longer-term goal is to be comfortable becoming more public. A very modest goal. But…

Art is intimidating.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Showing your art makes you highly vulnerable. Especially, when you are displaying skills still in progress. It’s like giving someone a half cooked pie, then asking them to imagine the finished result. Except the skills needed to make this particular pie seem endless. And then, if you manage to master certain skills, the output is still subjective. Art is largely a matter of personal taste. So you can be technically sound and end up with undesirable results. Which brings us back to my original point.

Art is intimidating.

But what is life without a little entertainment and challenge? My challenge to myself is to become creative. To kickstart the process, I’ve set a goal to keep a sketchbook and work on my skills daily. Not finished pieces. Not any particular art task. Just a challenge to myself to sketch something, no matter how small. At first, it seemed reasonable. But each passing day I struggle.

A Progress Report

This week’s attempts:

Worldcup Pub SketchFloral Watercolor and Male Portrait

A sketch from the local pub, a few sad flowers, and a watercolor portrait from my current tutorial book. The book I am currently reading is Sketching People by Lynne Chapman, and I absolutely love it! I sketched a portrait of the author too,

Lynne Chapman portrait sketch
Sketching People Author Portrait

My sister requested a simple sunrise, so I painted that as well. This one was much more enjoyable to do, as I love the vibrant color.  I posted it on Instagram as well.

Colorful sunrise and Mountain Horizon

Baby Steps Accomplished

So there it is. My meager attempts for the week. Plus a few other random portraits in my personal journal (not pictured).

Kudos to all the other would be artists out there. Let’s force the creative process if we have to.  We can do this!

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