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Friday Flow 24: Back On Track

This is it. The last week of school. No more leisurely uninterrupted work out sessions for me. I will now go back to early morning runs while the kids still sleep or sessions at the gym where daycare is available. Friday Yoga Flows will still continue, but I may have to shift the release schedule. Right now, I post in the early morning… but summer schedule means more variables. Expect the Friday Flow posts in midday or even early afternoon for the next couple months.

In related news, my family will be traveling during summer. So maybe I’ll post some new location photos. But my true desire is to get some sketching done while I am out on the road. I even have a new sketch kit too! Admittedly, I haven’t posted any of my art in a while. But the creative juices and summer vibes are hitting me strong. Time to start getting brave and posting my progress. I am looking forward to sharing more. You can’t grow without pushing yourself.

Onward and upward.

Relax the Back

This week is pretty hectic and some extra back release is needed. So today is a nice yoga sequence to stretch and relax the back gently. Unlike previous back release sequences, this one requires no props and can even be done on a soft mat or carpet. It is also meant to be a standalone stretch. If you are really in need of back releases, don’t feel pressured to perform a high-intensity flow. Abandon the ego.

Ego is the Enemy of the Spirit


Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Back Release Sequence
(flow sequences are available as a printable worksheet -or- online)

Recommended Music Selections

This week I’ve been revisiting the Moonchild Voyager album.
It is a perfect chill vibe to pair with slow muscle stretches.  You can play this one well into Savasana.


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