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Friday Flow 21: Get Ready to Relax

Play-Doh Rose

The kids have been home all week due to a Teacher’s Strike. All this week and then some! And while I fully support the teacher’s—I really feel for all the parents out there.

I’m fortunate enough to be at home during day and that flexibility is a huge blessing for our family. I don’t have to scramble for child care or take off work every time something comes up. I am able to watch the kiddos without a financial impact. But it is still a lot to manage. An unexpected school absence, with no clear end date means all schedules are upended. Forget about long term plans. Every day is a contradicting message from our government about whether an agreement has been met. It’s frustrating. You can’t plan around what you don’t know. The usual extra-curriculars are also on hold without staffed campuses. No kid-free time means I’ve been unable to run some of the usual errands outside the home. And inside the home? Well, cleaning the home with children around is futile. So my house has been a bit chaotic.

This week i’ve only been concerned with relaxing at the end of the day. I searched around and noticed that I have other flows about relaxing, but there is nothing specific for sleep.

How to Unwind After a Tornado Hits

Kids have a lot of energy. And they demand attention. They are like miniature tornadoes everywhere they go. But they eventually do sleep 😉 Good News. At the end of the day, you too can sleep. But you may need a little help getting settled down. Not a parent, but still need help unwinding? I got you covered too. Today’s sequence is a few asanas to help anyone decompress.

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Asanas for Sleep & Relaxation
(flow sequences are available as a printable worksheet -or- online)

Recommended Music Selections

Do your asana in silence or put on a lo-fi hip-hop mix.


*Featured photo today is a Rose made of Play-Doh (my kiddos made this for me on their down time).

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