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An Artful Practice

Nope, this time I’m not talking about Yoga. I am in fact, talking about the practice of art.

As shared last week, I’d like to broaden the focus of this site to include artwork. One of my goals for this blog was to help document my growth in certain personal areas. Sharing these experiences online is a way of holding myself accountable. It encourages me. But it doesn’t make me braver. I’ve so far been reluctant to put my artwork out there. But in the spirit of growth, here are a few practice sketches from this week.

YouTube Sketches

Subjects… Matter

Finding good subject matter was a bit of a challenge. I’ve always been told to draw objects you see in life, but that was a big backfire. I attempted and failed many times to sketch my husband. The resulting products are comical. Never draw the people you love, unless you have a decent amount of skill. This leaves the family out. My next alternative is going out and drawing people in public. But I am not fast enough at observation and sketching for that quite yet.

How to Practice Sketch When You Don’t Want to Creep On Strangers In Public?

I finally settled on sketching Youtubers. This is a fantastic practice method that I recommend to all. First, there is plenty of subject material. The variety of faces is better than standard television. Second, you don’t know anyone personally and cannot be embarrassed if a likeness is not flattering. Nose too big? Wonky eyes? Too many wrinkles? It is way less daunting to draw a stranger. Go ahead, get their proportions wrong and make those mistakes. You are learning. So don’t feel bad about it. Just make the sketch, take notes, and move onto to the next victim.

Edward Sketch Liron Sketch Koosje Sketch Minnie Sketch

The Verdict

These won’t win any contests, but I am happy with the overall result. I enjoy the simple look and contrast achieved with pen and ink.

My hope is to get better at quick sketches, especially of buildings and people. I’d love to use my sketching while out and about. Whether that is for documenting travels or recording daily scenes on my bike rides. Art is a tool to enhance the experience and build memories.

Who Are These People Anyway?

The portraits were chosen at random from various youtube channels I’ve watched:

@Conor McMillen
@Following the White Rabbit
@Edward Nyamnkum
@Liron Yanconsky
@Koosje Koene
@Minnie Small

They are mostly art focused channels, run by people further along in the creative journey than me.
Go check them out!

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