Friday Flow 20 – The Stiff Shoulder

The shoulders are an area I tend to neglect. But they are essential for strong downward dogs and other basic asanas. Today’s flow will focus on testing your shoulder strength and stretching out those tight muscles. If you are use to sitting down a lot at the computer -or- carry stress in the upper neck and shoulders—this is also a great routine to follow. For a less intense routine that only provides moderate stretching of the shoulders, try my chair yoga routine instead. This flow will be more about challenging for those muscles than simply releasing them.

Some Complimentary Strength Exercises

If you find that your shoulders are weak and want to try adding some strength work; you can add some additional exercises at home. There is no need for a lot of equipment, maybe a medicine ball or dumbbells at home. Here are are looking for some good auxiliary work to really boost your shoulder strength. Try these exercises:

  • Push-Ups – do these against a wall or on your knees until you build strength
  • Dumbbell or Medicine Ball Press Up
  • Pull Ups – try at the park if you don’t have a bar at home
  • Wood Chops with Dumbbell or Medicine Ball – these actually are a great full body workout

You will be sore! So remember to stretch and rest afterwards. After a few weeks, you should see a marked improvement.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Shoulder Strength & Release Flow
(flow sequences are available as a printable worksheet -or- online)


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