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Friday Flow 19 – Quad Quake

I received a special request for a sequence on quad strength. So I challenged myself to come up with something strength focused without being too boring. This sequence block is all about the quadriceps, but it does challenge your flexibility and balance. There are not many repetitions. This is done on purpose, so that you can work on alignment and muscle control. When you feel yourself unable to hold the integrity of the pose, take a break and move on. Go for longer held deep expressions of each pose.

Add-on Asana

CAUTION: This routine is not intended to be done as a stand alone. It is an asana block intended to fire up your quads and inject more strength work into another (more general) flow. Tack it on when you want to extend your practice. The hamstrings should already be properly warmed up to avoid injury.

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Quad Quake [Asana Block]
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