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Friday Flow 18 – Get Woke!

No, this is not a political post (I think we all could use an escape from that). I literally just mean getting “woke” after a night of rest.

About This Flow

Today’s flow is designed to fit easily into your morning routine. It can take you from a complete cold start to energized and ready to start the day. I do this 10min flow right before my morning shower. I do recommend drinking a half-glass of water before starting in the morning. Your body will be dehydrated from fasting during the night. The reason I avoid a full glass of water is to prevent water sloshing on an empty stomach. It’s best to minimize distractions.

The sequence is essentially a progressive series of Sun Salutations. It will build from slow and easy asanas to more dynamic expressions of poses. Start bringing focus and breath to your body, lengthen stiff limbs and begin your day on a positive note..

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Awake and Refresh Flow
(flow sequences are available as a printable worksheet -or- online)

Recommended Music Selections

No music for this flow. Open a window and listen to the sounds of nature and world around you.


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