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Friday Flow 15 – Strong Warriors & Power Poses

Yang-sta Gangsta

Yang yoga, power yoga, Ashtanga, fire! Whatever you call it—this type of practice is focused on heat! In contrast to Yin yoga, you want to move quickly between poses, while concentrating on your breath. In Yang practice go ahead and challenge your muscles. The goal is to build strength and stamina. This is in contrast to Yin, which is slower and more methodical.

There are plenty of benefits to the more relaxing and meditative forms of yoga. But if yoga is your primary (or only) form of exercise, you will need to inject more vigor. This sequence block will focus on strength, cardio and balance. It incorporates chair pose squats and various Warrior poses to engage the legs. Engaging the big leg muscles is a quick way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. So If you are looking for a little more intensity and a way to get more calorie burn, try repeating a Warrior sequence.

About This Sequence

This flow includes sections for warm-up and sun salutations before going into the focused legwork. The Warrior section of the flow can be practiced as few or as many times as necessary to build heat in the body. There is a suggestion of 5x, but this is only a starting suggestion.

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Strong Warrior Flow

This flow sequence available online -or- as printable worksheets


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