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Friday Flow 13 – Vinyasa Flow

Which Vinyasa Format: Stills or Streaming?

Last week I posted a sequence using only camera shots. It isn’t my preferred post format, but it works fine in a pinch.  I notice that many other yoga blogs are heavy on the still photography–posting images for most asanas highlighted. It certainly makes the website more colorful and interesting, but I wonder how useful it is to people. Personally, I already have a good idea of what asanas look like at this point.  And I am usually looking for an easily downloadable or streamable routine that I can play and perform on my own. That is why I started posting my .yoga files. But maybe download/streaming is not the format most people prefer.  I’d be interested to know.

While I ponder that question… You can enjoy a fresh vinyasa.  I promised you a full flow routine, so here it is.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

30m Desert Doll Vinyasa

This flow routine is available as a printable worksheet -or- online stream

Next Yoga Application Under Review

There are a plethora of applications and youtube videos for streaming yoga routines.  But the pickings are very slim for yoga sequence builders.  I’ve given Tummee a shot, which provided decent printed worksheets.  But I still want something that can provide a playable/streamable format.  Yogidia seems to fit that requirement. One problem. It is yet another subscription service (yuck).  But compared to other options it is not too expensive, see the current pricing below

That’s pretty reasonable if you get an annual plan.  So I bit the bullet this week and gave them a try.

I spent the better part of yesterday playing with all the features, searching for asanas and generally testing the limits of their web application.  Well, here are a few things i’d like to report:

  • a non-trivial learning curve, many buried features, and little documentation
  • actual sequence building takes a loooooong time
  • some frustrating bugs that almost made me throw in the towel (lost routines, unsaved work, audio errors)
  • single image asanas (no mirror for the opposite side)

Despite these issues, I managed to produce a flow that I deemed ready. Overall I am pleased with the streaming output and publish options. I can only hope that bugs and usability improve over time. I will experiment more to see if the sequence building process becomes easier.

Thanks for checking in!

I’ve had some issues with Yogidia saving flows incorrectly. Last weeks flow was completely missing and located under another name.  I’ve updated the links and reported the issue.

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