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Friday Flow 14 – Torso to Toe Stretch

Yoga Building Blocks

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a focused group of poses that can be dropped into a longer routine—a sequence block. Yoga sequence blocks can be practiced alone or they can be added to an existing routine. Most often, I like to add short sequences that target a specific body part, after a few warm-up sun salutations. This is a nice way to build a complete practice. Today i’ve included a block of poses to stretch out the toes and side body.

Asanas that stretch your toes and torso are particularly nice in the midday. They act as a nice counter to a crouched sitting position or walking in confining shoes. If you are using this block of poses alone—perform several times in a row, deepening the postures with each repetition and picking up speed.

Access the Yoga Flow Routine

Torso to Toes Stretch
This flow routine is available as a printout -or- online streaming video with audio cues

Alternate Printable Worksheets for this Sequence Block (2 Versions)
→ Torso to Toes I (Warm-up Block)
→ Torso to Toes II (Mid-Sequence Block)


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