Friday Flow 12 – Rolling Release

The weather was beautiful outside this morning.  So I scrapped my planned post for a long indoor flow and took my Yoga Ball onto the porch instead. If you still want a nice intermediate level flow, no worries. That yoga sequence will still be posted later.

Do You Know Where Your Stability Ball Is?

Exercise ball, pilates ball, yoga ball… whatever it is, you’ve got one. There is a high chance that it is sitting in a corner of your room gathering dust. Go grab it now and put back to use! My kids kept stealing mine and using it as a mega dodgeball. So I had to steal it back from their clutches to get these photos.

Open Up the Hips with a Shimmy

Hips CenteredHips Roll to RightHips Roll to Left

Fold Over and Spring Out
Fold Over
Option: Legs Extended
Roll Forward Onto Toes
Chest to Sky
Strong Legs to Finish
Awkward Chair
Forward Fold

Recommended Music Selections

Turn on the radio outside and see what’s new!

Update on the Yoga App Flows

I had been limping along with the Yoga Studio App, but after today, no more. They have moved to a subscription model and the app no longer works for those people that paid for it previously. Very sad news. I wish I could continue using the app as is. It was a nice tool to build and track my own routines. It seems all the established yoga programs are going the content delivery route. Bad news for the rest of us who don’t want “filler” features. Another one bites the dust.

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