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Friday Flow 8 – Post Cycling Stretch

Time for a Bicycle Break

One of my hobbies is bicycling. No, not spin class (although there is nothing wrong with that). Actual biking around the town. When weather is welcoming, I hop on my little cream bike to run errands or catch some fresh air. At times I get lost on a trail, wander down side paths and end up traveling for miles out of the way. It’s all part of the joy. I bike for leisure. It is not really meant to be a hard workout. But sometimes I do overexert myself and come home sore. On those occasions I want a quick and effective yoga routine to release my tightened muscles. That inspires this weeks theme.

About This Weeks Yoga Flow

Today’s flow is designed to stretch out tight leg muscles. It is short, just 15 minutes, so that you can fit it in easily after a ride or alternate workout. The intensity is moderate enough to keep muscles warm, but not so vigorous that you lose energy. There’s nothing worse than faceplanting when you are just too tired to hold a pose. If you are really tired, pause the program and take a break. There are no schedules. This is your time.

Thankfully, Yoga Studio App has fixed their crashing issues. So this week i’ve posted another downloadable routine. Import the class and play directly from your mobile phone.

Download the Yoga Flow Routine

15m Cycling Leg Release (right-click and select “Download Link” or “Save As”)

Recommended Music Selections

This flow is designed to be done during the day after a ride or other activity. Since you will be fully awake and energized, a more upbeat playlist is recommended. Don’t sabotage your flow with slow downtempo music. If you like, i’ve made my own 15m Funk playlist public on Youtube.

Need Technical Help?

If you are unfamiliar with the .yoga file type or Yoga Studio App, please refer to my first post in the Friday Flow Series for detailed instructions on how to use. It explains the format and provides helpful download instructions.

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