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Monday on My Mind: New Year Resolutions

Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions Post Incoming

New Year, New Me?

No. I can’t say that anymore. First, it is tired and overused. Second, it simply isn’t what I desire. I am happy with me. I’ve spent a long time now figuring out what I like, dislike, what works in my life and what doesn’t. I am not going to go thru any drastic changes at this point-nor do I want to. What I do want is to be me, PLUS.

New year, *improved* me.

The passing of a new year is great time to reflect on how i’ve spent my time. Too often, it has been misspent. Used up on people and things that don’t really mirror my personal goals. This leaves precious little space for the people and goals I really want to honor. So, it is time to take note of the things that I love and need to make more space for in my life. It’s time to cut out the mindless habits that have slowly siphoned away free time and ambitions.

If I take the time to write it out here—I will hold myself more accountable.. So here they are.  The humble new year resolutions:

Part 1: Things I need to do less of (to reclaim time)

1. mindless social media time (give myself daily limits)
2. over schedule things not reflecting my goals
3. overcommit to people not respectful of my time

Part 2: Things I’d like to do more

1. Sketch
2. Bike
3. Flow (yoga, that is)
4. Write

And last but not least, my ever-present goal
5. Create meaningful moments with my family. Travel, play games, go outside, enjoy them more, worry less.

Now your turn

Chances are, our goals are pretty similar for the first category. We can all stand to cut out some of the digital time suckers. The trickier part is finding where you have mistakenly committed yourself in past. Root out those bad patterns. Do you really need to go that party? Class? Social function? Be honest. Be ruthless. But be kind. People will understand. After you’ve free up those precious minutes (hours, days)– you can realistically think about the items you DO want to spend time on. Hopefully, you have Identified them. I wish you all good luck in your journey.

Happy New Years!

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