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Friday Flow 5: New Year Redux

Well, I am not going to sugar coat it, the first practice of the year was a little underwhelming. A New Year normally inspires me to re-invigorate my routines and try new things. Unfortunately, I was still recovering from flu, so only restorative flows were available to me. It can be a little discouraging when your body isn’t performing like you expect. But it is a valuable reminder that you have to respect your limits and give yourself the necessary time to recoup. A personal yoga practice will vary from day to day and that is okay. Conditions change. When they do, listen to your body and set reasonable expectations.

This week is all about getting back into the swing of things. Vacation time is over, the holiday sweets are gone and flu season is on it’s way out. It’s time to get back on track.

About This Weeks Yoga Flow

This week is a moderate length yoga sequence designed for a full body workout. It is not very speedy but there is enough high-to-low transitions to challenge your endurance. There are also a number of standing balances to add variety and challenge your focus.  Remember to pick focal points for your balancing poses.  If you are good at doing the balances with eyes open, challenge yourself further by closing your eyes.  If you lose you balance-just pause, recenter and try again.  Try to keep your mood light.  It’s a celebration!

Download the Yoga Flow Routine

40m New Year Full of Flow (right-click and select “Download Link” or “Save As”)

Need Technical Help?

If you are unfamiliar with the .yoga file type or Yoga Studio App, please refer to my first post in the Friday Flow Series for detailed instructions on how to use. It explains the format and provides helpful download instructions.

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