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Friday Flow 4: Restorative New Year

Flu (and Fun) Recovery

‘Tis the season to be sore and snotty. People all around me either have the flu or are just getting over it. Even those who are not suffering are still a little run down from the Holidays. Chances are you have been traveling or running all kinds of holiday errands or drinking extra and eating poorly. But now it’s a New Year and it’s time to get back on track. Today’s flow is a simple set of poses that you can do even when you are not feeling well. A restorative yoga practice and is meant to be taken slow and deliberately. Ease into each pose.

Frankie Says, Relax

Do not strain your self. There will only be easy slow asanas here. So find a warm and comfortable spot for your practice–it can even be done in bed. If doing the routine in bed, it is easiest to start on your stomach lying with your head positioned near the pillow. This allows you to tuck your knees into your chest and start right into a child’s pose without throwing off the sheets. Feel free to burrow under the covers. The weight of a light blanket will be comforting and make it easier to relax.

Keep that Pillow Nearby

Use props (pillows, bolsters or folded blankets) to assist where needed.
NOTE: There is a Fish Pose in the end of this practice. These can be difficult to hold for an extended period. It is not meant to be done as pictured – it is meant to be modified with a pillow or bolster. Place the pillow or bolster between your shoulder blades, so that you can lay in the pose without use of arms. It should be a gentle heart opener. Stop if you feel discomfort.

Download the Yoga Flow Routine

15m Post Holiday/Illness Recovery Flow (right-click and select “Download Link” or “Save As”)

Need Technical Help?

If you are unfamiliar with the .yoga file type or Yoga Studio App, please refer to my first post in the Friday Flow Series for detailed instructions on how to use. It explains the format and provides helpful download instructions.

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