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Playing Dressup

If you haven’t noticed yet, the website received a minor facelift today. I felt a burst of creative energy over the weekend and decided to start adding images to all (most of) my posts. The Desert Doll has been running for around a month now—great time for some site improvements.

The text-only format is super easy to update and ‘ok’ visually, but I was bored. Viewing the blog just wasn’t making me happy. And If I don’t enjoy looking at the blog, how can I expect you? I knew it was time to make some changes. Despite that knowledge, it took hours of trolling my phone and journals before I got the courage to start uploading something. Adding images makes you commit to an aesthetic and I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I chugged along anyway.

Along the way, I noticed a number of format mistakes and inconsistencies. A few minor text and layout edits were added to the list. As with any technical change, you find one thing that needs fixing and two more will surface. It was a bit of a rabbit hole for awhile and i’m happily heading out. These are all small improvements on the surface, but they give the website more sparkle. Adding extra color and incorporating my art makes things more personal.

It’s starting to look fun to me! I hope you like the changes too.

What’s on that Rock?

The photo above is a snapshot of a rock I passed during my morning stroll. Though the photo is mine, I take no credit for the painting or sentiment. Take a closer look at the quote on that rock

Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything gets accomplished


What a beautiful message to come across, especially when you are busy taking on a new project.  A lovely touch of serendipity.
Hurrah for happy accidents.


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