New Weekly Feature: Friday Flows

Update: I no longer use the Yoga Studio App mentioned, but I’ve kept this article available for posterity.

A Weekly Yoga Series to Grow Your Practice

To kick off my blog content, i’d like to start a regular series dedicated to yoga.  The new series will be to dubbed, “Friday Flow”.  This feature will be used to share any yoga routines that I have created and/or used with positive results.  By positive results, I mean routines that have personally helped me achieve a physical or mental goal. Goal need not be a dirty word!  In yoga, you may hear people refer to “Setting your intention” before a practice.  Well, that is a goal. Your goal/intention might be mood elevation, mental focus, increasing range of motion, or simply achieving a specific pose.  I’d like to help with that.

Yoga has been a staple in my fitness routine for over a decade.  In that time i’ve explored studios, private teachers, gym classes and have used home practice to deepen my own yoga practice. In particularly I enjoy the Flow Yoga style set to music. Flow Yoga adapts to my mood, current skill and boredom levels.  I’ve designed many flows to suit my own needs – but why not share? Check in weekly and i’ll post something fresh to try out.

About Yoga Studio App and How to Use the Download

The yoga routines are currently built in my preferred yoga mobile app:
At time of writing, there are android, iphone and windows versions available.  

This app is seriously beautiful. It has a large library of poses, several prebuilt classes, plus the ability to craft your own. If you are new to the app, take some time to play around and explore the features. One notable setting, you can include background sounds (birds, ocean, guitar or flute) or turn those off to practice in silence or use your own playlist. To me, New Age flute music is migraine inducing (over the years i’ve simply burnt out on Day Spa music). Give me a yoga flow set to Erykah Badu instead 🙂 With this app, you can choose your own music preference and that’s great.

DISCLAIMER: No, I am not affiliated with the Yoga Studio creators in any way. No, they don’t pay me. They don’t know me from Adam. I am simply a fan and the app makes a good vehicle for sharing flows.

Download Instructions

  1. Make sure you have the Yoga Studio App installed on your mobile device,
  2. Download the provided .yoga file.  The first Friday Flow download will be posted at the bottom of this page.
  3. Email the .yoga to yourself or friend.  It may also be shared to yourself via Whatsapp Messenger. Opening the file directly in browser or from mobile will cause the file to be read as text.
  4. When you go to open the .yoga file attachment (from either email or Whatsapp), the Yoga Studio App will ask if you want to import. See the screenshots for an idea of how the import will look.
Prompt to Import .yoga File
Prompt to Import .yoga File
Successful import of custom class
Successful import of custom class.
New routine appears in the custom class list
New routine appears in Custom Class list

Download first flow in the Friday Flow series

30m Nighttime Flexibility Flow (right-click and select “Download Link” or “Save As”)

This flow was created specifically to wind down after the day and increase leg flexibility.  I credit this routine for making progress in the front splits (Monkey Pose), despite a vigorous running schedule at the time.Try to do before bed (3-4x a week) for best results. Suggested playlist for this one: Amel Larrieux – Bravebird.

SELF CARE NOTE: If you are focused on flexibility – remember to stay hydrated, cut back on excessive caffeine and don’t practice cold. Also, I was in relatively good shape when drafting this routine, so it is not meant for true beginners. If you are a beginner, please take it slow. You can skip over the Full Monkey and Mermaid poses, try to substitute in Half Monkey. Don’t be intimidated by advanced poses, just do what you can, rest when needed and listen to your own body.