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Merry Christmas from this Doll to You!

This year my precious little one got a dollhouse (how apropos). I swear it was not planned and had nothing to do with this blog. She had been throwing not so subtle hints the entire year and the family was on the look out for something special. Just a few weeks before Christmas deadline, we found the perfect one at CostCo. It is three stories tall and looked so beautiful on display, we knew we had to get it. The box was taken home and set it in one of our hidey-corners until Christmas Eve. Last night when all the kiddos had finally fallen asleep, we were free to drag the box out of hiding.  Imagine the horror when we opened the box and found it came in a million pieces.  My husband nearly cried.  We put it together until the wee hours of the morning, while watching wonderfully awful murder mystery television. The whole situation makes me laugh. These fun little moments make the holiday.

The finished product is a sight to behold.  It even came with a chandelier, a flushing toilet, and furniture.  No word yet on how we will get it upstairs and into her bedroom.

Christmas Dollhouse
The Ultimate Christmas Dollhouse


Hope everyone enjoys their holiday!

Spend time with your families.  Eat way too many sweets. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

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