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A Gifting Guide for the Overwhelmed

Christmas Gift under the tree

Ho, ho, ho! Holiday season is in full swing. Between the decorating, parties and the extra holiday or school activities-hopefully you’ve managed to squeeze in a little gift shopping. As of today, there is only 1 week left until Christmas!  No more time to dally.

If you are fresh out of ideas or just need a quick resolution for tricky people. Here are a few:


1. Subscription Boxes
Subscription boxes come in all variety of themes, sizes and price ranges. It is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year – a little bit of happiness in the mail. You can choose from hundreds of different options to suit your needs (beauty, apparel, hobbies, cooking). It is a perfect solution when you are pressed for time, since wrapping and delivery is handled by the provider. It’s also useful when gifting for family or friends out of town.


2. Online Wishlists
The trusty Amazon Wishlist. Go search their database for the Wish List of your favorite person and buy/ship straight from the website. Easy peasy. If an Amazon list is out of date or not available, try trolling your giftees Pinterest Boards for ideas.


3. The gift of massage
Massage Envy is a franchise of spas with many locations nationwide. However, if you prefer to stay at home and let the masseuse come to you, Zeel is a great option. They have an easy to use mobile app and the therapist can be scheduled quickly.


4. Professional Photo Book

Get all the snapshots off of your phone and into a bound album. This gift idea is not as quick as the others-you will have to take some time to select and upload photos to a service, then wait for printing. But you simply can’t beat a photo album for something sweet and personal.

Notice I did not link Shutterfly or iPhoto. Those are probably the most popular and familiar photobook options, but i’ve had mixed results with them. Shutterfly never impressed me with their photo quality. They’re not bad… just not great. iPhoto is super easy to use and the photo quality was excellent, but the designs are restrictive and books are pricey. Longevity is an issue as well. I’ve noticed a few of my softbound albums coming apart at the seems in past few years.


5. Food & Booze

A bottle of wine or Scotch. A box of chocolates or hard cheeses.
There is a reason why these are perennial favorites. They work. Don’t ditch the classics.
Try the Top 10 from Williams-Sonoma to get you started.


Hope these ideas help you treat someone special in your life.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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