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Friday Flow 3: Sun Salutations

Why Sun Salutations?

The humble Sun Salutation (Sanskrit: Surya Namaskar) is a core flow for all hatha yoga practice. It acts as a great warm-up exercise and a full body wakeup. It is ideal for stretching out the full length of your body. There is even research to suggest that the Sun Salutation alone can boost your health. Because the sequence is commonly used, it is often the first sequence yogis commit to memory. It can be performed multiple times in sequence at a brisk pace or used as a building block in more extended flows. At first, the Sun Salutation may seem too repetitive. However, this very repetition has its own benefit. When you do not have to concentrate on learning something new, you can instead move with confidence through a routine.  Repeat the familiar series building heat and endurance as you flow.

About This Weeks Yoga Flow

This yoga flow is composed of a series of sun salutations, interspersed with core lengthening and power poses. It is meant to be performed briskly as a full routine. The length is 25 minutes long, which is just enough as a standalone exercise.  However, I have also performed this routine after a short cardio session with great success.  If you plan to perform this routine after cardio, go easier on the poses to avoid overextending yourself. Also if you have any back issues, please take care on the vinyasas, since this routine incorporates Upward Dog poses pretty early in the sequence. A less challenging alternative to the upward dog is a gentle Cobra, only raising your head and chest as far as comfortable.

Download the Yoga Flow Routine

25m Sweet Sweaty Salutations (right-click and select “Download Link” or “Save As”)

Recommended Music Selections

This flow moves through poses rather quickly in some areas, so minimal or no music is recommended. Bring attention to your breath. Listen to the program audio cues so that you don’t miss critical transitions. If you are comfortable with Sun Salutation routines or need a little music for mood and motivation, try out this mellow hip hop instrumental playlist Sun Salutations with J Dilla.  Keep the volume lower than usual so that you can still concentrate on the movement.

Need Technical Help?

If you are unfamiliar with the .yoga file type or Yoga Studio App, please refer to my first post in the Friday Flow Series for detailed instructions on how to use. It explains the format and provides helpful download instructions.

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